Writing & Consultancy

As well as running A Wilder Life blog, I’m also a freelance content consultant and writer. If you’d like to hire me, that’s lovely, but if you need some more information, keep reading…

After leaving full-time employment to freelance from Cornwall, I now act as a consultant and writer for several leading national and international companies. From being a founding member of The Growth Hustlers and Plant One to ghostwriting blogs for Founders and CEOs to creating comprehensive articles, content plans, keyword research, email and ad copy.

What do I do, exactly?

Website content

Setting up a new site or revamping an old one and aren’t sure where to start when it comes to your content? You’re not alone! It can be really tricky to figure out how to position your brand, messaging and products. When you’re close to your business, it can be especially hard to take a step back and look at things from a potential customer’s perspective. What do they want to know first? What’s important to them? What kind of tone of voice will they respond best to and why?

But what about SEO? Organic SEO simply helps people find your website when they type in key search terms. That’s all. Content should be informed by SEO best practice, not restrained by it. The words on your site should push all the right buttons; not for search engines, but for your customers. I help you sell your product or service by creating great content for your site that works harder and performs better.

Blog articles

The internet is chock full of trillions of meh articles churned out by cookie-cutter content agencies. Ughh! Give your online visitors something interesting to read that’s different and entertaining. You know your customers, right? So talk to them like you do.

From short persuasive copy that sells to in-depth, informative blog articles that keep your readers hooked, I’ve got you covered. I help you get inside your customer’s heads to create content that speaks to them.

Content Plans

If I had a pound for every time I’ve heard someone say “we want good content, we’re not worried about organic SEO” I wouldn’t be rich, but I’d have a lot of pounds.

We’re way past the days when people used to write articles like “My power tool is the best power tool in the history of power tools, so if you need a power tool, this is the power tool for you!”

The internet is far some sophisticated than that now. You get marks for all kinds of things like how easy your copy is to read, how long people spend on your website, how relevant the subjects are you’re writing about, how many social media shares you get (this doesn’t include sharing them yourself!). SEO is simply a very useful tool.

If you want bespoke, detailed content plans including subjects that are interesting for your readers, rank on Google and don’t read like a list of “most boring things I never want to read” then I can help.  If you don’t think it’s possible to rank against your competitors, think again.

At Movebubble, I built a blog that independently brought it a million visitors after just 1.5 years as a small startup. We were competing and beating Rightmove and Zoopla as well as Time Out on many key search terms. Not only that, our blogs were attracting hundreds of comments asking for help and advice. If you give your content enough thought and planning, there’s no reason why you can’t have similar success in your own industry.

Print advertising

Print advertisements are one of the most expensive ways to advertise. If you want your ad to sell, then you need to get the messaging right. When your business is dependant on the leads your print ads bring in, you soon learn what works and what doesn’t!

At South West Heating, I studied and practised print advertising for direct sales for years, and what I learned definitely surprised me!  There is a strategy with direct sales that many other types of businesses miss completely. Make sure you’re not one of them.


Since finishing my journalism degree in 2008, I’ve worked in content marketing, writing and organic SEO. I began writing for well known international businesses whilst at university including Black & Decker and Compare the Market. After university, I worked with a small local south-west company, South West Heating Solutions, helping them expand into a national franchise.

I went on to head up content marketing as one of the first employees of London prop-tech business, Movebubble, building a blog from scratch into one of the most popular online London guides in the world. Eventually, I left to manage SEO and content at a top London growth marketing agency, Rebelhack.


Current and past clients include Rebelhack, Growth HustlersSuperCarers, Dr JulianMovebubble, Hammock, No White Walls, Live Better WithHubble HQ, Charity Bike Build, Ideal Flatmate, Matchstick Monkey, Babocush, Response IQ, Conscious Food, SnappedUp, InploiLiving DNA, and more.

“Carly is a great writer who successfully combines her mastery of prose with a keen knowledge of digital. She has a deep understanding of how content can be leveraged to grow business and is an informed and vocal advocate for it. She has been an invaluable team member who quickly grasps the tone and voice of any given client to produce excellent long-form content that not only provides an entertaining and informative read but also performs in terms of organic strategies.

In my opinion, far too much digital content is derivative, dull, and all to often reworked versions of previously published copy, however, this is not something I have ever encountered with Carly’s work. Even when the subject matter is not the most exciting Carly is always capable of finding an angle that provides interest and engages the reader. Carly is a committed team player who’s sunny personality and a great sense of humour make her popular with her colleagues and clients alike. She really is a superstar and I can’t recommend her enough.” Duncan McKenna, Commercial and Growth Director at Supercarers

“I worked with Carly at Movebubble, where she took the blog from its infancy to being one of the primary drivers of traffic to the site, accounting for roughly 70% of monthly site traffic. Her expertise in SEO and content marketing strategy means she understanding how to leverage social media and content to drive growth. Managing a team of bloggers and content creators, her strategy made the Movebubble blog a highly respected hub of knowledge, and provided great value to its readers. On top of which she’s also a great person to work with!” Casper de Roij, Digital Marketing Consultant

“Carly has helped us shape our content for the last few years and during that time has never been short on great ideas. Carly has the ability to put herself in other people’s shoes with her writing, instinctively understanding what our customers wanted to read, and how to connect with them through content. It’s been a pleasure to work with such an experienced, dedicated consultant and writer, she’ll be hard to beat!” Charles MM Williams, General Manager at Low Profile Holdings

“Carly is lovely to work with, super helpful, honest and totally understands our brand and ethos. I think she’s really helped us build our personality as a brand and has helped our blog really stand out.” Sophie Palmer at Matchstick Monkey

Carly is one of those rare and precious commodities – a content manager who is more than a copywriter (though definitely not less)! From core USPs to full solution analysis, she can really get under the skin of any user persona to turn even the most half-formed of briefs into a full messaging solution which is gold dust in the digital arena. She’s also got a wicked sense of humour and makes for a great colleague to work with!” Ruth Atwood, SEO Consultant and Organic Manager

“Carly’s energy and passion for writing is second to none. In the time I have worked with her at Movebubble she has moved from an incredibly accomplished writer to a fully-fledged content manager, overseeing multiple projects in an array of content mediums. Understanding the direct link between social, SEO and content she has managed to implement a comprehensive content marketing strategy delivering growth week on week in all aspects of her work. She is fun and an amazing team player with lots of great creative and challenging ideas. I know that Carly is going to continue to push the boundaries of content marketing and I wish her every success.” Logan Estop Hall, Business Growth Consultant and Founding Director at Daleth

Carly was wonderful to work with as the Content Manager at Movebubble, with an excellent understanding of SEO and content strategy, as well as being a kind and understanding manager. She was responsible for the incredible growth in traffic to the Movebubble blog, and was endlessly supportive to the whole blogging team.” Cat Byers, Content Creator

Carly is a brilliant writer and content producer. She took the time to get to know my brand and in turn produced some quality content which as helped me promote TM Designs. She has given me the professional voice that I need in my written content.” Tim Macknelly, Designer and Developer at TM Designs

Carly is simply great at what she does! She has exceptional writing skills. She is always available and incredibly quick at delivering her work. Having worked in organic and marketing for so long and with a background in journalism, she became an absolute marketing genius, and can easily adapt her copy style for web, email, ads & blogs and detailed long-form articles as well as having detailed organic SEO knowledge. She plays a key role at Rebelhack delivering copy for value propositions, tone of voice, website copy, blog articles and much more. In addition, she is a lovely person, always with a smile and always up for a laugh!” Giovanni Perri Co-Founder at The Growth Hustlers

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