Writing & Consultancy

As well as running the Wilder Life blog, I am also a freelance content consultant and writer. If you’d like to hire me, that’s lovely, but if you need some more information, keep reading…

I like to look at the world from all angles and I particularly enjoy getting other people to do the same. From history, business, current affairs, politics, language and literature, philosophy and psychology I love to explore arguments, points of view and events from different perspectives.

My drive to communicate ideas coupled with my varied interests led me naturally to content marketing. I’m interested in people and ideas and how to express those ideas effectively.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the art of planning and creating engaging content for your business. It can do all or any of the following:

Content comes in the form of website copy and back-end linking structure, blog articles, ad copy, social media posts, emails, metadata and more. Anything that your business creates that customers can read or see, is content.

And the SEO part?

I have a comprehensive knowledge of organic SEO (search engine optimisation). This means I understand how to structure and plan content so it not only captures your audience’s attention but also boosts your website’s position in search engines, organically.


After leaving full-time employment to go freelance in Cornwall, I now act as a consultant and writer for several leading international and national companies. From being a founding member of The Growth Hustlers to ghostwriting blogs for Founders and CEOs to creating comprehensive articles, content plans, keyword research, email and ad copy.


Since finishing my journalism degree in 2008, I’ve worked in organic SEO, content marketing and writing. I began creating SEO optimised copy for well known international businesses whilst at university, progressing to solely managing the website copy, advertising copy and offline marketing materials for a fast-growing south-west company.

I left to head up content marketing for well known London startup, Movebubble, building a blog from scratch into one of the most popular online London guides in the world. I eventually left to manage SEO and content at a top London growth marketing agency, representing some of the most exciting national and international businesses.


Current and past clients include Rebelhack, Growth Hustlers, Southwest Heating Solutions, Movebubble, Hubble HQ, Charity Bike Build, Ideal Flatmate, Matchstick Monkey, Response IQ, SuperCarers, Rebelhack, Conscious Food, SnappedUp, InploiLiving DNA and more.

For any more details see my LinkedIn profile.

For client confidentiality, to request a portfolio or examples of work please email me at:


carly@awilderlife.co.uk or fill out this form here.