We’re Planting 1000 Trees. Will You Plant One?

Plant one tree? What difference would that make when it’s estimated we’d need 22 trees to offset a return ticket from London to New York?

They were my first thoughts when Jackson first told me about his idea to plant one tree for every surfboard he made. A typical sceptic, I questioned everything about the idea.

But then I thought about it. Were any of the reasons I’d come up with a good enough argument not to plant trees? Even if everyone in the UK planted just one tree, that would be over 66 million trees.

Trees absorb co2 from the atmosphere and provide homes for our diverse wildlife. But the UK’s trees are in decline. Once an island teeming with forests that ran from Cornwall to Scotland, we have just 2% of our trees left.

But what if we could grow that number by bringing people together?

Fast forward a couple of weeks and five of us are sat around a table at the pub (where many of the best ideas take shape). After draughting and re-draughting our plans, we’re certain we can make this work, and we have a name. And, a website we’re working on!

Plant One

We’re aiming to plant as naturally as possible. By using native species and cultivating scrub, we want to cultivate an ecosystem that mimics how wild trees grow.

Climate Change is such a huge problem, it’s easy to feel like we can’t make a difference. Although much of the clout is in the hands of corporates and big businesses, together, we believe we can make a difference.

We know planting trees has a positive effect on the environment. So, we want to help as many people as possible plant at least one tree in their name.

But matching up people with spare land to people who want trees planted is easy, the only thing that’s stopping us is getting the word out there! We have no authority to preach to anyone about climate change. We just want to stop talking and start planting.

So, whatever happens with Plant One, thanks to family and friends, so far we’re already on target to get 1000 trees in the ground (with plans for a lot more). But we can’t do it without your help.

If you’d like to be part of it, by donating trees or land, volunteering, and getting the word out there, message us on our Facebook page, follow us on Instagram and share this post with as many family and friends as you can!

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