Spring Lamb Delivery

“Sorry, I’m late guys… the sheep just gave birth!” I didn’t think that would be something I’d ever utter as an excuse for being late for a meeting in the morning and it does sound better than “the tube was delayed”.

I think we both must have looked thoroughly ridiculous as we hovered around the sheep, pacing with one hand on our Iphones googling “what to do when a sheep gives birth” and the other hand sticky from wiping afterbirth off the lambs face. It seemed like an odd contradiction of two worlds. The old and the new, the new and the old… but which was which?

That’s my life right now. Girl from Leeds, girl from London, Growth Marketer. I’m out in the morning pulling lambs out of sheep’s behinds and I LOVE it!

As the mist rolls in over the fields in the morning I take a deep wet breath of it, shaking the sheep nuts in the orange plastic bucket as the rotund wooly creatures bleat towards me. The worlds of digital marketing and the shepherdess are pretty different but I’ve always enjoyed contradiction, and I sure am glad I’m here and not squeezing myself onto the central line to Liverpool street.

More than once this week I’ve looked up into the sky, grey or blue, reminding myself that this isn’t just a holiday. I think I had actual pricks of tears. Tears of gratefulness, of realisation and of understanding that I still had the power to create positive things.

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