How To Make Simple Concrete Plant Pots That Look Like They’re From Etsy

The long winter nights give us plenty of time to hunker down in the workshop, so we’ve started working on a few creative projects that might make some cool gifts for family and friends. Luckily we’ve got loads of tools at the farm so we’ve been able to come up with a few simple (sounding) ideas to get started with.

After using concrete to make our bedside table lights, we thought it would be cool to try a few more bits with concrete. You’ve probably seen loads of pictures of cool little concrete plant pots and mid-century style planters knocking around on Pinterest and Instagram recently. Well, we decided to copy them and make our own! It turned out to be a bit more fiddly than we thought, but if you want to have a go yourself and enjoy hours of fun, crafty goodness (i.e sweary, frustrated madness wrapped in concrete) then here are the instructions!

Note: We’re now experimenting with colours, different types of moulds (waxed paper) and shapes so stay tuned for an update. Instructions on how to make the mid-century style planters are also coming soon!

How to make concrete plant pots in 5 steps



You’ll need:

  • 1 bigger plant pot (or another outer mould)
  • 1 smaller plant pot (or another inner mould)
  • Lube (wd40 or mould wax)
  • Cement mix
  • Water
  • A weight or an object to use as a weight
  • Patience

Step 1

First, you need to find some smooth plant pots or vessels with (ideally) shiny, smooth sides that will slide out of the concrete more easily. Look for pots with as little detailing on as possible and try and get one with no corners. You need one pot for the inside and one pot for the outside.

You COULD also use a loo brush holder and dispense with the need for two pots!

Step 2

Lube up the outside of the smaller pot and the outside of the larger pot. You can use WD40 or a good few coats of mould wax (four coats ideally).

Step 3

Make your concrete mix and stir well. Use a trowel to distribute evenly into your larger pot. Fill it up just under half way. Slap the bottom of the pot on the floor a few times as it helps to get rid of any air bubbles in the mix. You’ll probably have some air bubbles at the end but they add to the character of the pot!

Step 4


Push the small pot into the larger pot and smush it down into the concrete below. Don’t let the concrete rise right to the top of the outer pot or it will be much harder to release. Once you’ve done this, stick the weight into the inner pot to hold it in place. You could also try to use tape, crisscrossing the tape over the top of the inner and outer pot and attaching it to the sides of the outer pot to ensure the inner pot doesn’t pop out.

Step 5

Leave the pots for 2/3 days somewhere dry until they’ve set. Attempt to slowly release the moulds by turning them upside down on a table top and tapping on them gently. Pull and shuffle the inner plant pot or vessel out gradually until it’s free. You should use some kind of primer if you’re going to put the soil into the put directly to ensure it’s protected from water damage.

If you’d like us to make you a concrete plant pot, just message us below in the comments with your email address!

Here are some we made earlier, along with some wooden baubles!
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