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Often, I work behind the scenes with businesses and this work can be quite secretive! Occasionally I get to talk about my work in more detail, and this is one example. After working with Matchstick Monkey on their blog and content plan, they asked if I could help them overhaul their website content.

The brief

Matchstick Monkey didn’t feel their site content reflected who they are as a brand, or connected well with their customers. The site was a little difficult to navigate, which didn’t encourage visitors to explore products. They wanted to make it easier for visitors to find out more about their products, and make the value propositions for each product line clearer.

Matchstick Monkey also wanted to encourage customers to buy products directly from their website, rather than through other retailers.

Although Matchstick Monkey already had an idea of what they wanted the website look like in terms of design, they were flexible when it came to content. They knew what they wanted to get across, but they were happy to leave the details up to me.


  • Many products have almost identical benefits and value propositions, with only subtle variations. We wanted to accurately describe each product without being too repetitive.
  • The idea for the brand and product came from humble beginnings but Matchstick Monkey was now selling all over the world and had won several prestigious industry awards. We wanted customers to know about the product’s roots and core values, but to showcase that they are now a trusted international brand.
  • Matchstick Monkeys products have specific design features that make them unique from other teethers, they wanted to use the word “unique” in the copy.


These screenshots are from the finished site.



Product page example

“Carly is lovely to work with, super helpful, honest and totally understands our brand and ethos. I think she’s really helped us build our personality as a brand and has helped our blog really stand out.” –  Sophie Palmer Matchstick Monkey at Low Profile Holdings

“Carly has helped us shape our content for the last few years and during that time has never been short on great ideas. Carly has the ability to put herself in other people’s shoes with her writing, instinctively understanding what our customers wanted to read, and how to connect with them through content. It’s been a pleasure to work with such an experienced, dedicated consultant and writer, she’ll be hard to beat! “- Charles M L Williams at Low Profile Holdings

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