Approaching Storm

I’m standing on the old road that’s been forgotten into the earth, peaceful and undisturbed between the dunes except for paws and footfall.

I go higher. The wind launches, whipping the hair protruding from my hood across my face and into my mouth. Tendrils of the breeze sneak through my zipper and search for more skin.

I go higher. The wind is strong on this stretch of coast. Behind me, undulating hills of sand are stitched to the earth with grass. Grass that performs a Mexican wave with each new gust. Maybe this is the closest anyone can get to seeing the wind.

I go higher. Licking my salty lips, I breathe in and open my eyes to a glittering ocean before the sun returns behind another billowing cloud.

Rabbits below disappear into their burrows like the final act of a bunny ballet. A finale accompanied by the roaring applause of the sea.

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