My name is Carly. I live in Cornwall with my husband, Jackson and a dog called Carney. I’m a content consultant and writer, and also the author of this blog.

A Wilder Life is about spending more time doing what you love, saying yes to adventure, finding the things that give you joy and exploring the best creativity in Cornwall.
After a life-changing family tragedy, I finally found enough clarity to listen to just listen to my feelings and accept that I wasn’t satisfied with the life I was living. I needed to leave, re-centre and focus on the things that I felt were really important in my world.
So I moved back to Cornwall from London three years ago. Making the decision to try to shape my work around the life I want to lead, rather than basing my life around my work and professional ambition. 

A Wilder Life is partly a journey of discovery, a meditation on life, happiness and love as well as a celebration of all the things we gain from living closer to nature, family, friends and the things that matter. Through this blog, I hope to champion everything I believe helps us (or at least me) keep a healthy perspective on life as well as celebrating the unique and beautiful county of Cornwall.

And so Cornwall has become the base for my adventures again as I search for a wilder life, and everything that means to me (not just getting naked on mountains).