My name is Carly. I live in Cornwall in a barn with my soon to be husband, Jackson, and a black furry Schnouts called Carney. I’m also the author of this blog.

Cornwall became my home when I was 16 and it took me a year to become completely glued to the place. The salty air, the screech of seagulls, the people, the sand that founds its way into every item I owned… It took a while but eventually I loved all of it.

After so many rain soaked, sun stroked holidays here, I felt like this otherworldly, back in time haven was finally a part of me too. The smell of the sea, the fresh air and the feeling of freedom that being by the coast gave me worked its way into my bones.

Every place I travelled, no matter how beautiful, Cornwall was always in the back of my mind.

After years moving around, travelling and living in different places, something happened that changed me forever. My dad who had always been a huge character in my life, experienced a sudden and unexpected breakdown in his mental health. His illness completely changed his personality and every day became an extremely challenging, often frightening and heart wrenching struggle to not just cope with, but try to understand the illness, what had happened, why it happened and how we could help him recover.

These years took my dad and all of our family to many disturbing places, through conversations we couldn’t articulate, and into circumstances that we couldn’t comprehend. There were some moments of light in that dark time but even now, we still all find it hard to understand what happened with any real insight and clarity.

During the end of this time, our beloved grandpa, my mum’s father, became ill with cancer. He’d been an incredible support for all of us through our dad’s illness and when he finally passed away, we felt weaker but hopeful that Dad would still recover. Sadly, this wasn’t to be and a few months later he also passed away.

These events reminded me very clearly that home is where the heart is. I left London to join my mum and sister in Cornwall to figure out what life meant all over again. A Wilder Life is partly a journey of discovery, a meditation on life, happiness and love as well as a celebration of all the things we gain from living closer to nature, family, friends and the things that matter.

And so Cornwall has become the base for my adventures again as I search for a wilder life, and everything that means to me (not just getting naked on mountains).

This blog is also a way of me saying thank you to Cornwall for changing my life. For harbouring me from many storms and for giving me inspiration, love and a ray of sunshine whenever I need it most.