My name is Carly. I live in Cornwall in a barn with my boyfriend Jackson, and a black furry Schnouts. I’m also the author of this blog.

Cornwall became my home when I was 16 and it took me a year to become completely glued to the place. The salty air, the screech of seagulls, the people, the sand that founds its way into every item I owned… I loved all of it.

After so many rain soaked, sun stroked holidays here, I felt like this otherworldly, back in time haven was finally a part of me too.

Every place I travelled, no matter how beautiful, this place was always in the back of my mind.

After years moving around, travelling and living in different places, something happened that changed me forever. I was reminded that home is where the heart is. So, Cornwall has become the base for my adventures again as I search for a wilder life, and everything that means to me (not just getting naked on mountains).

This blog is a way of me saying thank you to Cornwall for changing my life. For harbouring me from many storms and for giving me inspiration, love and a ray of sunshine whenever I need it most.